Transportation Control Center

Transportation Control Center

The Transportation Operation Center (TOC) has become a more critical workspace than ever before. Transportation authority managing complex infrastructure and integrated systems, which is cross platform and region,Transportation Control Center  AVCiT provides all-in-one control room solutions,  which make TOC more efficient to manage your infrastructures and protect sensitive data.


                             Schematic of Transportation Operation Center

Seating Anywhere by Follow Me Tech

User’s personal configuration will follow the workspace wherever he logs in so that the chief can fast access the computers/sources when he login by his user account in Traffice Operation Room

Multi-viewing Monitoring and Controlling

Access and display up to 13 computers simultaneously on any monitor of the workspace, each with multiple and dynamic layouts available to recall in just a second, helping with fast decision-making.

Natively Compatible with CCTV VMS

Easily access and decode IP Camera streaming (H.264, H.265) directly and integrate with CCTV VMS platform for traffic flow, road and security information, such as Hikvision, Dahua, etc. No additional IP camera converters or decoders are required.

Cross-platform Cross Region

The sources from different workstations (Windows, Android, Linux, Mac) can be captured and displayed on video walls or accessed and controlled by KVM.

Therefore, the operators can access any dynamic information for fast decision-making.

Transmission of Original Image Quality

Achieve 4:4:4 chroma and transmit streaming over 4-20 Mbps by HEVC coding to ensure image quality, so that SCADA or other sources of the traffic management workstation could be displayed on the video wall by pixel-perfect image.

Scrolling & Fixed Banner

TOC Manager could edit different topic banners or staff’s working shift and display them on the video wall.

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