Network Operation Center

Network Operations Center  is the intelligence hub that collects and monitors the performance and information of the network and requires a reliable visual solution from source to display. Network Operation Center AVCiT is engaged in bringing NOC data center KVM efficient infrastructure management to the data center, offering the all-in-one NOC video wall control and data center KVM over IP solution.

                             Schematic of Network Operation Center

Visual Preview of Sources

All sources about your network performance and infrastructure operation can be previewed in real-time on the user interface, and displayed anywhere on the video wall by dragging and dropping, making it easier for IT managers in the NOC to monitor all information visually.

Auto Scheduling of Sources

Auto Scheduling scenarios can be flexibly set to auto-switch different sources on the video wall with a certain time interval for data center monitoring of network status, DCIM, UPS, and other sources.

Natively Integrate with CCTV and Alarm Platform

Compatible with 3rd party RTSP streaming by H.264/H.265 format and easily integrate with CCTV VMS for NOC, and automatically switch video wall layout if any alarm trigger is activated.

Ultimate User Experience by Low Latency

In the video wall over IP solutions, operator can access and control all sources installed in the data center without delay via smart KVM Tech with H.265 tech for prompt incident response and daily management.

Floating OSD Menu

The operator can view all sources with their IDs in the floating OSD and control one or more sources simultaneously by drag and drop.

Remote Command and Control

IT managers can remotely access the KVM management platform to monitor infrastructure status by remote operation and maintenance platform when outside.\


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