Conference Meeting Room

Conference Meeting Room
Audio Video Solutions

Share presentations with your teams intuitively by drag/drop, whatever local or remote participants, project your ideas to the video wall by annotation pencil or simply by one touch, conference meeting room, the meeting room audio visual solutions can bring efficiency to meeting rooms for a more productive collaboration.

Moreover, conference meeting rooms can be interconnected with other meeting spaces through video conferencing systems, allowing remote participants to join via the internet. This feature proves invaluable when individuals cannot be physically present at the conference location.

Creating an environment conducive to productive discussions is vital for conference meeting rooms. The room’s design and ambiance should foster creativity, collaboration, and focus. Comfortable seating arrangements, appropriate lighting, and temperature control contribute to a positive atmosphere that encourages engagement and participation.

Furthermore, conference meeting rooms often offer additional amenities to enhance the overall experience. These amenities may include whiteboards or flipcharts for visual presentations, high-speed internet access for seamless connectivity, and catering services for refreshments during breaks.

To maximize the effectiveness of conference meetings, it is essential to plan and prepare adequately. Setting clear meeting objectives, creating an agenda, and distributing relevant materials in advance ensure that participants are well-informed and can contribute meaningfully. The conference meeting room serves as a central hub for these activities, enabling participants to focus, collaborate, and make informed decisions.

In conclusion, conference meeting rooms serve as dedicated spaces for hosting meetings, conferences, and collaborative events. They offer a conducive environment where participants can exchange ideas, discuss important matters, and drive collective outcomes. By providing essential resources and state-of-the-art technology, these rooms empower individuals and groups to achieve their goals effectively.

          Schematic of Conference Meeting Room Audio Video Solutions

Standalone permission and Interactive control

Respective & standalone permission and interactive collaboration to share ideas by two-way annotation on both White Board and attendee’s touch monitor


Simultaneous annotation and content-sharing functions are available on any attendee’s touch monitor

KVM Control

Attendee could remote any authorized server through the IP KVM switch, and share with others by touch control.

High-efficient paperless conference system

High-efficient user experience for attendees to switch between working and meeting

Decentralized architecture, flexible collaboration

Flexible & IP Based architecture, secure your mission-critical task, with no single point of failure

Conference document Download

Documents that were shared in the Conference could be downloaded to your mobile by scanning

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